By Tracey Longo //

NAME: Penny Seabolt, WNBF Figure Pro

AGE: 40

LOCATION: Lutherville, Maryland

GYM YOU TRAIN AT: J’s Next Level Fitness, Retro Fitness and Fit Gym (Baltimore County)


  • 2010-OCB Eastern Regionals – 2nd place debut, 1st place novice, 1st place figure overall.
  • 2011 USBF Battle of York – 2nd place masters, 1st place open
  • 2011 INBF Hercules – 1st place open, winning pro card
  • 2012 WNBF Natural North America – 2nd place pro figure
  • 2012 WNBF NE Classic – 2nd place pro figure
  • 2012 WNBF Barbados Bodybuilding Classic – 2nd place pro figure

TYPICAL TRAINING SPLIT FOR THE WEEK DURING SHOW PREP: I usually hit back, chest, abs and shoulders twice a week. Arms and legs once a week.

WHAT HAVE YOU CHANGED OR ADDED TO TRAINING IN LAST YEAR? More STEEL!  And now, I only train legs once a week.

FAVORITE BODY PART TO TRAIN: My favorite body part to train is my back. I love to increase my PR’s on pull-ups and challenge myself to lift heavier and heavier. I find my back to be m strongest part and I can hang with the big boys in the gym! At least they don’t kick me out! 🙂

DIET SECRET: Never take carbs out of your diet! (AMEN PENNY!—TL)

FAVORITE FOOD: Anything with noodles! I’m part Italian and part Thai, so pasta or a good spicy noodle dish is always calling me!

WHAT MOTIVATED YOU TO GET INTO FIGURE: I’ve always been active; training in the gym since the 90’s. It wasn’t until four years ago that I wanted to take my physique to another level. I love to work out, it is my absolute passion, and the thought of competing just intrigued me and I wanted to set goals and accomplish them!

GREATEST CHALLENGES AS A FIGURE COMPETITOR: The greatest challenge by far is adding more muscle off season.

LESSON LEARNED THE HARD WAY: A lesson I’ve learned the hard way? It’s got to be the amount of information that others do not want you to know or do not tell you in this industry, and getting through the muck that is out there, certain trainers, people that misguide you.

WHATS NEXT FOR YOU: I would like to compete on the pro level again this year in November at the World’s in Atlantic City. The best part about competing to me is meeting and acquiring new friendships! After I compete in November, I would like to take a full year off to work on my physique and take my time doing it. These last three years, I have not given myself much time at all for growth because I have always been dieting. I have put a lot of thought into writing a blog and website about my progress off season as well as in season; training tips, my challenges daily, helping others, especially mother’s like myself, get fit and sustain a healthy lifestyle and incorporating your children into your daily eating and exercise regimen. It’s important to me to promote a healthy lifestyle and be a great example to your children—show them you can accomplish anything you want in life! So stayed tuned!!!

PERSONAL: I am a wife, mother of twins (a boy and girl) who are 12 years old, a sister, soon to be aunt and daughter. I work as a freelance court stenographer and also find time to personal train a select few people. I will be teaching classes at Fit Gym in the Baltimore area the coming months and also accepted a position with Retro Fitness, training and teaching classes. I am very active in my children’s lives, in school and out of school. My daughter just got accepted into the Gifted and Talented program, and she is very active in dance. And my son plays lacrosse and soccer. I am usually a room mom for one of my kids every year and volunteer at most school functions.

AVAILABLE FOR: Personal training, coach and nutritional plans in person and online.

YOUR WEBSITE/FACEBOOK/TWITTER: http://www.facebook.com/ppatinella

EMAIL: pseabolt1@verizon.net