How to Choose the Right Trainer [and Gym] For You

How to Choose the Right Trainer [and Gym] For You By Clara Rienhoff // TUA Fitness Expert Contributor If you’re reading this, then you’re either one of my loyal followers (thank you!), friends (hey!), family (hi, mom), or are a fitness newbie seeking personal betterment and fulfillment … in which case, … [Read more...]


HEART ATTACK WAITING TO HAPPEN? THIS IS THE GUY YOU WANT TRAINING YOU By Tracey Longo/TUA If Lee Zimmerman a top sports physiologist in the Philly area can help heart attack sufferers harness exercise to dramatically improve their health, just think what the owner of Philly’s Counterstrike Conditioning, a world class powerlifter and sports coach can do … [Read more...]


Amy Pate has enviable abs and one of the most dogged training ethics we’ve ever seen. She goes head to head with top US physique competitors at the IFBB North American Championships this Friday. By Tracey Longo - TUA THE SECRET OF HER HARDBODY ABS By Amy Pate / Hardbody Strength & Fitness, … [Read more...]

The Secret to Her Success: Achieving that Ultimate Bikini Body

The Secret to Her Success: From a face in the crowd to a first place finish, our senior fitness and nutrition blogger Jenna Scott tells us how she took her bikini body to a new level. By Tracey Longo TUA: How does it feel for all of your hours in the gym and the kitchen to pay get that hardware for first place in your bikini competition at the … [Read more...]

Lift Like A Man — Look Like A Bikini Competitor

Lift Like A Man -- Look Like A Bikini Competitor // With Two First-Place Wins and a Pro Card Under Her Belt, When Joy Musgrove Talks Training, We Listen. By Joy Musgrove, NGA Bikini Pro As a bikini competitor, I have to keep my physique from looking too lean. In this division, curves and muscle tone are rewarded. A striated, super lean physique in the bikini … [Read more...]

How a Passion to Turn Pro Keeps This SHW Bodybuilder on Plan

After a rocky childhood and addiction, winning bodybuilder Sean Mickle finds his love of muscle and his new wife keep him very focused. By Robert DaStrongman Racine A first place finish in the Super heavyweights at the August 2012 Jay Cutler Classic earned Sean Mickle the chance at a bodybuilder's dream, the opportunity to compete at the national level for a … [Read more...]

Stone Fiction // The Competitor’s Cut

No Access to Stones?  No problem. Our resident Strongman breaks the atlas stone lift down into accessory moves that work. We know this because he won his strongman contest-without practicing on stones. // By Robert DaStrongman Racine           You think you’re pretty strong, right? Maybe you’ve even … [Read more...]

Can This Mom / Daughter Training Duo Survive Competing – Against Each Other?

Can This Mom/Daughter Training Duo Survive Competing – Against Each Other? By Tracey Longo They live, train and travel together. But can a mom/daughter training team of winning figure competitors endure their first competition together?  Training partners competing against each other isn’t a new thing. Just … [Read more...]

Everybody Must Lift Stones

Everybody Must Lift Stones // (with my humblest apologies to Bob Dylan) By Robert DaStrongman Racine What man or woman in their right mind would want to lift a big, heavy boulder? I would.Why? Because rocks are primeval and eternal. To lift one requires raw, brute strength, some technique, and the knowledge that what you are doing goes against everything you have been taught about lifting … [Read more...]

Best Exercises for Building a Better Butt

Define Your Behind // If you want to know how to groom a bodypart like glutes, you turn to a pro. And that’s what we’ve done. Tiffany Procopio, a newly crowned pro figure competitor who has one of the best bodies we’ve ever seen, invited us to the gym where she trains in Crofton, MD to share her state-of-the-art secrets to building a better butt. Here Tiffany, with TUA’s very own … [Read more...]