It’s All In The Details – Contest Prep Seminar

Attention to detail. How every piece of your presentation will affect your overall score as a figure or bikini competitor can’t be overstated. Now, a powerful new seminar is designed to give all athletes, from first-timers to seasoned pros, a winning edge when it comes to complete contest preparation.

Taught by IFBB Pro Lynn Sambuco and NPC and IFBB Judge Dr. Gary Udit, the February 9 seminar in Pittsburgh, PA has been created to help bikini and figure competitors avoid costly mistakes and bring their best competitive package to stage, says Sambuco, an IFBB Bikini Pro and veteran of 11 contests.

“This is really about helping competitors take it to the next level,” Sambuco says. “When I say we’re sharing insider details, we really are. What can go wrong with your tan? What’s the proper color for your suit? How should you wear your suit–are connectors too high or too low? We’ll be getting down into that level of detail.”

The seminar will also teach proper stance, presentation and posing and all the other factors that judges score. “Do you hold your stances long enough? asks Sambuco. “Is there too much movement when you’re on stage? That can cost you valuable points.”

The Bikini and Figure Contest Prep Seminar will be held:

Saturday, February 9, Noon to 2:00 pm
Upper St. Clair Community and Recreation Center
1551 Mayview Road – Pittsburgh, PA 15241
Registration Fee: $60
Topics include: Hair, Make-up, Tan, Conditioning, Suit Selection, Jewelry Selection, Presentation and Stances

The seminar will also address competitors on- and off-season diet and training. “Some women think that offseason means: “I gain three dress sizes,” Sambuco says. “We are trying to teach that it’s vital to your metabolism and longevity in this sport to stay in shape and not crash diet for three months out of the year.” Sambuco recently did a seminar for the Bodybuilding Club at the University of Pittsburgh on the subject of metabolic burnout. “We’ll teach healthy ways of avoiding burnout,” added Sambuco, who works as a prep coach and trainer with bikini and figure and personal competitors and personal training clients.

Preparation and presentation doesn’t start or end on stage. Sambuco says that some competitors forget they’re visible to judges all day and evening. “We’ll be teaching polish and how you should behave and dress the entire time you are attending your contest,” she says. “A lot of competitors don’t always observe that. We’ll be teaching that how you present yourself matters. Don’t show up with no makeup. Present yourself as decently as you can throughout the process. You’re visible when you’re checking in and after prejudging.”

We think the seminar is an invaluable investment in yourself. For more details, see registration form (Clinic Registration Form.pdf Download) or please contact Lynn Sambuco at   – Tracey Longo