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The Summer Style Lowdown from Cindy Whitehead, the stylist Nike Execs, Monica Brandt and yes, even Tiger Woods ask for by name.

Whether you’re Derek Jeter, Tiger Woods, Monica Brant or Mia Hamm and you want to look super boss for a magazine cover, ESPN interview or product launch,  this is the woman you call. California sports stylist extraordinaire Cindy Whitehead is the California-based style maven who Addidas, GQ, ESPN and Flex call when they want someone who can capture an athlete’s true sensibilities while giving them that almost indefinable panache. Nike hired her to polish up Giants relief pitcher Brian Wilson and his glorious, beastly monstrosity of a beard for its “DEFY” campaign (  And if you’re Gatorgade launching your advertising campaign for your new G Series Fit…you guessed it, Whitehead on speed dial. Pronto.

Whitehead comes to her stylist career with no lack of athletic street cred herself. She took up skateboarding at 15, and by 17 the petite blonde had turned pro and was ranked the number one female skater in the US for half pipe and pool riding.

Whitehead knows Rad.  And we’re lucky she’s agreed to let our own Adriana Cesar pick her brain about the coolest gym and street chic as we head into full-blown summer.

1. Wildfox Couture Flash Dance Tee
2. Splendid Racer Back Tank
3. American Eagle Sports Bra
4. Adidas Snakeskin Run Short
5. Nike Pro Core Capri Tights
6. Alexander Wang Marti Backpack
7. Nike Free Run-2 Sneakers
8. Nixon Stainless Steel Watch

Here’s Cindy’s take on what’s in and what’s ahead for the well-dressed gym rat and adrenalin junky in each of us:

Adriana Cesar: Thanks for being with us Cindy! Let’s get right to it. Is grey the new navy?? You feature it all the time in your blogs ( and portfolios ( Why do you like this neutral tone so much?

Adidas Snakeskin Run Short

Cindy Whitehead: I love grey because it lightens up an otherwise all black outfit. And it adds some darkness in a subtle way when wearing  bright colors like flourescents (which are very in style right now) and gives an all white outfit some “mystery”. It’s a color that is perfect in every way.

Adriana: What about sequins? We’re seeing them on collars, fronts of shirts, on pockets. Are sequins OK for hardcore gym workouts?

Cindy: I can not think of one reason why sequins would ever be OK when working out in the gym. Unless you are RuPaul.

Alexander Wang Backpack

Adriana: How important is the essential gym bag?

Cindy: It’s as essential as your “work bag” for the office. It’s important that you have everything you need in the gym bag so there are no excuses for not working out. Everything from a water bottle and energy bar to a sports bra and sneakers should be in there. And wraps and gloves and whatever equipment you need, too. You wouldn’t go out to dinner with your friends without your purse right? Same thing.

Adriana: What do you see coming this summer and fall? Are there any new trends, lengths, materials, tie-dye and gym-to-street wear that you’re liking?

Cindy: I think we will still be sporting a lot of bright fun colors, which I love as I think they are also motivating. Color just makes people smile. Even if you think you can’t pull off brights, you can! Trust me. Once you try it you will never reach for “all black” workout clothes again!  Gym to street is already becoming more prevalent and I think it’s about time — we all want items that do double (or triple!) duty in our wardrobes, not to mention it just looks rad, too. I think in this recession,  consumers  think more about what they are buying and all the ways it can be used to get the most for their money.

Adriana: What’s next for you? Any new gigs or accomplishment you want us to highlight?

Cindy: I’m getting ready to work with an amazing workout company styling their catalogs and ads – as soon as I am allowed to divulge more you know I will!  I am also launching the new blog in a few weeks so that is really exciting – we have been working on it endlessly. Last but not least, I am writing “basic” social media articles for The Workbook ( geared towards photographers,  models, stylists and hair & make-up people who don’t  understand why they may need social media and that it can be not only critical to their success, but really enjoyable!

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