Strong Athletic Pulse // Nike Tight of the Moment by Flavio and Jayelle


By Adriana Cesar

The worlds collided with another amazing collaboration; Nike teams up with artists Flavio Samelo and Jayelle Hudson to bring a series of three limited-edition tights that highlight the overlapping worlds of man and nature.

Most of you know I am a graphic tights maven and these are badass too pass up! 

The first set of this three part collaboration series launch yesterday, July 11.

Below I selected certain images and excerpts from INSIDER NIKE  describing the partnership collaboration for The Nike Tight of the Moment ::


The Nike Tight of the Moment project marks the first time Flavio and Jayelle have combined their artwork into one creation. The patterns on each tight are born out of a blend of one photograph of architecture from Flavio and one of nature from Jayelle. Their goal was to juxtapose the worlds of man and nature in abstract form.

“Most of us live in big cities in which buildings dominate our attention,” Jayelle says. “However, we often don’t think enough of how nature plays a role in our cities. Parks provide an outlet for recreation and reflection and trees give us shade. Our designs look to provide perspective on how the city and nature work in harmony.”


Once the final art was complete, the Nike Women’s design team then tailored it to a body map provided by the Nike Explore Team Sport Research Lab. A body map uses athlete-informed data to show where an individual’s muscles and heating and cooling zones are located. The goal is to strategically place the art on the tights so that it highlights these areas in the legs in a flattering fashion. Digital sublimation technology, which employs a heat press to send ink from a printed picture onto a piece of fabric, transferred the art onto the tights.

In addition to their dynamic look, the tights are designed to perform. Soft Nike Dri-FIT fabric pulls sweat away from the skin to help keep legs dry and comfortable.

This Nike Tight of the Moment collaboration will come in two Nike Pro styles, the Nike Pro Tight and Nike Pro Sports Bra. The first of the three tights in the collection, the NTM x Pulso Forte, will be available on beginning July 11.








ALL PHOTOS // Photo Credit: NIKE INC.