Be Smart at the Coffee Shop

Be Smart at the Coffee Shop

By Clara Rienhoff // TUA Fitness Expert Contributor


Cooler months mean an influx in trips to the coffee shop, but even the most yummy drinks can be loaded with unnecessary carbs and sugars that easily sneak onto your waistline and can sabotage your progress!









Here are a few tips for ordering smart:

1.) Go for Skim over Whole or 2%.

2.) Ask for your specialty drinks “Sugar Free” (Unfortunately, that means no Pumpkin Spice, Peppermint, or White-Chocolate Mocha flavorings. Keep an eye out for establishments that have flavored coffee, not regular coffee or espresso with syrup added.)

3.) Skip the whip.

4.) Choose brewed coffee over specialty espresso drinks (Brewed coffee has virtually zero calories. Add some sugar free syrup and a splash of cream? And you have your own low-cal ‘specialty’ drink.)

5.) Watch the Frapps (Most have the same calorie count & content as a McDonald’s milkshake!)

6.) Ask for your iced coffees black with NO SYRUP. Majority of shops add simply syrup (aka pure cane sugar) to iced coffees.

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