Eating Right – It’s All in the Prep

All About Food Prep

By Clara Rienhoff // TUA Fitness Expert Contributor

We all know the saying “preparation is key.” We all know that our nutrition is crucial in influencing both physique and performance changes. Yet being committed to a nutrition plan gets dicey when you’re in a crunch, feeling tired from a long day, or get busy with family or work.

Preparing real, nutritious foods ahead of time enables us to overcome these objections and continue towards our goals even when life throws us a curve-ball. See, half the battle is already won when we take the time to food-prep in advance. 



But food prep doesn’t have to be the intimidating, arduous task most people make it out to be. We’ve compiled a few of our tried-but-true food prep tips/techniques for your convenience: 

  1. Buy enough food for the week. — This might take some planning. Pre-plan a day or two in MyFitnessPal or write out a menu for dinners, then derive your list from there. 
  2. Don’t be afraid of pre-packaged foods. — This goes against what a lot of “health freaks” believe, but personally, we couldn’t live without pre-prepped foods. We use a lot of Wholly Guacamoles, frozen sweet potato fries, steamable veggie bags, instant oatmeal packs, canned green beans, and Fruit Buddies/applesauces. 
  3. First priority is protein. — Most people have a hard time getting enough protein in, so having enough readily available is step one towards solving the problem. Sure, fats and carbs are important, but those are both easy to grab when in a pinch.
  4. Schedule 2-3 hrs every week to shop, wash, chop, cook, store, or freeze your food. 
  5. Utilize multiple methods while prepping. — We bake, grill, crockpot, sear, boil, sauté, and steam our food. Depending on what we want to make, we have the crockpot full of a roast or soon-to-be pulled chicken, the grill covered in protein, and the oven full of roasting veggies. Be smart about your time. 
  6. Make sure you have enough large tupperware (and space!) to store your food. — You can reuse the same small containers day after day, but make sure you have enough space and have things labeled for easy access. 
  7. Pre-cut your veggies AND proteins for easy measuring, not to mention eating!
  8. Spice it up! — Avoid mundanity and boredom with different spices, seasonings, and marinades. Pair this with our different cooking methods above? And the possibilities are endless.
  9. Work with your work situation. — Don’t be afraid to keep food, tupperware, and a scale at work (at your desk or in the common area). Not having to pre-pack meals for the day can save us valuable time with our friends and family.

Already a master of the food prep? Share your own top tips below!