Health and Fitness Tips to Help Busy People Stay on Track


Consistency is something that we all have often struggled with our fitness journeys.  We ask Susan, a Pharmaceutical Sales Representative, Fitness Enthusiast and a Prime Nutrition Athlete on how she manages to stay on track despite her on the go travels of the job.  For Susan, seems creating a weekly meal plan and being organize has served her well over the last few years.

Susan: Time management and planning ahead is so important to a healthy lifestyle.  You must be able to fit your training in around your work schedule.  If I know I am going to have a late day, I will wake up early that morning to get to the gym and get it out of the way. 

Below are some of her great insightful fitness tips that you can definitely use to help to stay on track on eating right and reaching your fitness goals!


TUA: Share your top 3 exercises you can do if you don’t have access to a gym while on travel?

Susan:  If I will be traveling, and the hotel doesn’t have a gym, I will Google gyms in the area before hand.  If there is no viable gym option on the road, then you will need to get creative.  Do a plyometric workout in your hotel room to work your entire body.  Go for a run! Just get moving so that you’re still burning those calories and maintaining your fitness level.  My three favorite exercises when I don’t have a gym are burpees, squats, and pushups.  Burpees work your entire body and will really get your heart rate up.  Squats can be done in so many variations – jump squats, pulse squats, and with the adjustment of your foot placing you can target different areas of your legs and glutes.  Squats are a great workout for your legs and will keep that booty tight.  Pushups are also great because you can vary your hand placement or even do push release pushups.  They engage your chest, back, and your core so you’re hitting a few muscle groups with just one movement.

TUA: What are some portable exercise equipment that you take on the road?

Susan: While traveling, I also keep a jump rope with me.  This makes for good easy cardio you can do anywhere!  Other good options that don’t add a lot of bulk or weight to your luggage are bands so you can do resistance exercises anywhere.


TUA: What kind of eating guidelines you have for eating the road?

Susan: While on the road, if I do need a snack, I stick to fruit, beef jerky or hard boiled eggs – Wawa and Royal Farms carry all.  Greek yogurt is also a high protein snack but try to get the plain or vanilla flavors as the fruit flavors have a lot of added sugars.  If I eat out, I always stick to the leaner proteins on top of a salad.  I will get grilled chicken or ahi tuna.  You can always ask the waitress to cook your food without oil or dry.  Most restaurants will oblige.  I get my salad dressing on the side because there can be often be extra calories in them that you don’t need.  I always opt for balsamic dressing; if this is unavailable lemon, oil, and vinegar will do the job!  You can also ask for a side of steamed vegetables and for some healthy carbohydrates, a plain baked sweet potato or potato.  Rice is a healthy choice too but often restaurants pre-make it in batches and add lots of oil or butter.  Stay away from fried food, creamy dishes, and shy away from appetizers as most portions for entrees are more than enough food!

We all know life happens so stay positive, be adaptable and have a plan in place to manage!

Thank you Susan!

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