Innoskate 2013 – Skate Culture History Makes It Into the Smithsonian


Innoskate 2013 – Skate Culture History Makes It Into the Smithsonian

By Adriana Cesar

Where to begin!

Last weekend, Saturday June 22, I had the privilege of attending Innoskate, a public festival hosted by the Smithsonian's Lemelson Center and The International Association of Skateboard Companies (IASC), to reflect skate culture’s widespread innovative and growing spirit.  My amazing friend, Sports Stylist® extraordinaire to the likes of Nike, Gatorade and athletes like Tiger Woods, Kobe Bryant and Mia Hamm and iconic former professional vert skateboarder, Cindy Whitehead, along with other great women athletes, were inducted into the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History.  It was a BIG DAY for women in skateboarding.

Skate_Females_InducteesI spent the whole day with Cindy it was amazing seeing her fans from all over…one just caught my heart She, young skater with his mom had just come in that morning from Ohio just to see Cindy!  It was so surreal for her to meet Cindy, the woman who had put women skateboarders on the grid…it was an amazing scene to see what an inspiration Cindy girl skaters—and all skaters—today. ESPN was there covering the entire event.  Below you catch Cindy’s interview with ESPN! Cindy comes on around 1:15

Innoskate was a two-day festival which was held right here…in our nation’s capital DC!  The day started at 10:30 am with the Donation Ceremony.  I just caught the end of it (thank you DC traffic!). Adding to the excitement, Friday, June 21st it was the 10th year anniversary of Go Skateboarding Day. It’s the official holiday of skateboarding plus first day of summer and it felt like the first day of summer!

Palace To Pulaski 6 (You can catch Cindy Whitehead and Laura Thornhill Caswell at .55 Cindy is holding an American Flag)

After the donation ceremony honoring Cindy, attendees got to hear a discussion panel featuring Cindy, Shawn Carboy, Nike’s SB Global head designer and Brian Anderson, Pro Skateboarder, who spoke about the coming innovations in skate fashion and footwear. The 45-minute panel examined trends in materials, style and functionality.  

Key Points From The Panel:

Cindy Whitehead – skateboard female fashion there wasn’t anything in
the 70’s just the Molly Skate Short…NOT SEXY – but now you see what us
skaters been wearing now on the fashion runways, and in the pages of
Vogue from shoes, beanies, to the entire look!  Now Skater Fashion has
become mainstream From shoes style to wearing shoe strings as belts!

Shawn Carboy – Shawn touch on recycling/repurposing trends and how to convert that shoe design to be more functional, having latest technology – Lunarlon an ultra-lightweight and springy cushioning technology by NIKE.  Another factor Shawn talked about was staying update with fashion because the clothes have to be portion to what the skaters are wearing –for example; skinny jeans with larger shoes doesn’t transpire. More on Shawn Carboy click here

Brian Anderson –Skateboarding the sport and the culture is very different: you PICK your friends who you want to skate and travel with – it’s not like a team sport, where you wear team uniforms – it’s you, your friends, your fashion, and the world. He said “Not to sound cliché…but we are a family…we take care of each other…” It’s about being original and creating your own thing being real!  More on Brain Anderson Click here

Cindy Whitehead’s donation to the Museum of American History included

Her iconic skateboard: Dwindle and Cindy Whitehead’s “Girl is NOT a 4 Letter Word” prototype board featuring original artwork by Cindy Whitehead.

Bibs: Gold Cup Contest bib.

Apparel: Sims Team Jersey, padded Molly skate shorts and Puma tennis shoes.

Misc: Skate cards & Skate wrench

SmithsonianDonations copy 2

photo by: ian logan

CW_S13_DustersDwindle and Cindy Whitehead’s “Girl is NOT a 4 Letter Word” prototype board featuring original artwork by Cindy Whitehead from Dusters California Site

Skateboards Donations from the others inductees included:

·         Patti McGee’s Hobie Super Surfer, 1965.

·         Jack Smith’s board used to ride across the USA in 1976.

·         Robin Logan’s Logan Earth Ski pro-model, 1975.

·         Laura Thornhill’s Logan Earth Ski pro-model, circa 1976-77.

·         Tony Hawk’s first board, given to him by his brother, Steve, in 1977. It is a 1975 Bahne skateboard  made out of fiberglass and modified by Steve Hawk.

·         Julian Stranger’s deck from REAL skateboards.

·         George Orton’s 39-inch carbon fiber composite board with free floating Randell skateboard trucks and x-skate wheels, used to set the world record Sept.15 1996, at a speed of 61.87 mph.

·         The deck used by Mimi Knoop when she earned her first X-Games medal in 2004.

·         Rodney Mullen’s board that he rode at the Smithsonian in 2012.

·         Custom Roger Bros. Street luge used by George Orton in both the X-Games and Gravity Games.

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Check out more of Cindy (links below) and her new line of limited dope t-shirts

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Event organizer Jeffrey Brodie, deputy director of the Smithsonian's Lemelson Center
Betsy Binckley Gordon, Project Manager for the National Museum of the American Indian and one of many Innoskate Organizers and ALL those who made Innoskate possible!

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