GIRL ON FIRE: Our Hometown Founder Models Her Hometown Brand

GIRL ON FIRE: Our Hometown Founder Models Her Hometown Brand

Behind the Scenes with Adriana Cesar, As She Models Under Armour’s New 2014 Styles

When Under Armour calls, models jump. And our own TUA Founder Adriana Cesar is no different. She’s fast becoming the sportswear juggernaut’s go-to fit model for their size medium women’s clothing, an opportunity that gives her up-close access to fashions being designed for release two years in the future.

“It’s such a great opportunity, to see the design process and get to see fashion being created for 2014,” says Adriana, a former basketball player and seven-time bikini and figure competitor who was born and raised in Baltimore, UA’s headquarters.

What’s it take to be a fit model? UA’s requirements and duties include: a model that is used by the manufacturer to check the fit, drape and visual appearance of a design on a human, acting as a live mannequin and fit into the follow measurements;

Waist 27”-31”
Height 5’7”-5’9”
Bust 36B/C-38B/C

“I am Under Amour’s Live Mannequin…!”

“It was a perfect fit 🙂 for me because of my background in design & the fitness; Not only was I the model but a LIVE voice by giving my feedback to the designers on the fit, movement and feel of the garment,” Adriana says. Ultimately, a fitting model aids in confirming that the sizing, design and cut of the garment to be produced meets the designer's specifications and intentions.

Days at Under Armour ranged from a few hours to six hours of fittings. I interacted with fit technicians, buyers and management and tried on samples, which are pinned and adjusted to meet fit and aesthetic requirements.

During these currents fittings I was being fit for the FALL/WINTER 2014 lines for UA’s training, running,  ColdGear Compression tops & bottoms and outdoor sportswear lines ranging from fishing to softball apparel.

“All can I say is UA’s women’s 2014 line is getting a facelift and I’m loving the direction! Stay tuned TUA readers, for some very fashion-forward gear,” Adriana says.

What are some requirements to keep in mind if you’re interested in becoming a fit model? You have stay in shape, says Adriana. As a fit model you need to maintain certain measurements to gain consistent work, so eat right, exercise and keep your body fit! Commit To Be Fit!

Another tip? Follow the sportswear industry. Look at sites and learn about different designers, clothing lines, network with designers and buyers and track their needs. This will give you an edge over other prospective models and increase your visibility and contacts. Make It Happen!