Best Exercises for Building a Better Butt

Define Your Behind

// If you want to know how to groom a bodypart like glutes, you turn to a pro. And that’s what we’ve done.

Tiffany Procopio, a newly crowned pro figure competitor who has one of the best bodies we’ve ever seen, invited us to the gym where she trains in Crofton, MD to share her state-of-the-art secrets to building a better butt. Here Tiffany, with TUA’s very own Adriana Cesar, shows us how to strengthen, shape and tighten your glutes.

Tiffany uses glute training with group and individual clients and trains the powerful muscles extensively to get herself ready for the stage. “Ideally, we should train glutes a day every week, they’re such a strong, important muscle,” says Tiffany, who had a great finish at the Kentucky Pro this year and looks forward to hitting the national stage as a pro figure competitor in 2013.

Here’s a look at the leading glute exercises that helped her win The IFBB Kentucky Pro.

  • Glute Extensions: “Squeeze glutes at the top and lower your legs slowly. I like to do 15-25 nice, slow, controlled reps,” Tiffany says.
  • Side Lateral Lunges on a Bosu Trainer (using a 10 pd. weighted vest):  “Make sure you have good form and concentrate on isolating glutes and you push through your back side and the center of your foot. Make sure your back is flat.” Again 15-25 reps recommended.
  • Sled: “One of my favorites is the sled, which I plate with a 45 pound plate. Make sure your hips are low and your rear is not in the air as you drive through the ball of your foot, pushing through the glutes and letting your them engage,” Tiffany says. You can run these fast or slow, depending on how hard you’re training that day.

  • Lunge-Throughs: I use a 20 pd. bar and lunge forward and then lunge back. Concentrate on the leg that is stable, which is the one that is doing the work. Watch the placement of your knee on these and keep it behind your foot. 20-25 reps on each leg recommended.
  • Hip Lifts With Leg Extensions on the Bosu Ball: If you want nice round glutes, this is an excellent exercise, Tiffany says.
  • Weighted Vest Box/Bench Jump: Tiffany likes to use the vest because it’s hands-free and allows her to use her hands for balance. Load low and squat soft on top and at the bottom, using a 90 degree angle.

Pair these exercises with sprinting, stair climbing or bleacher running and you have some amazing glute training, the mom of two young boys says.

Other secrets to a smoother derriere? Tiffany recommends drinking a gallon of water a day and clean nutrition. “You can’t train and change body parts if you’re not feeding and hydrating them properly,” she says. To learn more about Tiffany and her training techniques, her competitive figure career and modeling, check out her website:

–Tracey Longo