The Secret to Her Success: Achieving that Ultimate Bikini Body

Feature_Jenna_WinThe Secret to Her Success: From a face in the crowd to a first place finish, our senior fitness and nutrition blogger Jenna Scott tells us how she took her bikini body to a new level.

By Tracey Longo

TUA: How does it feel for all of your hours in the gym and the kitchen to pay off….to get that hardware for first place in your bikini competition at the MET-Rx Maryland State/East Coast Classic Championships?

JENNA: It is an amazing feeling to win! It’s very rewarding to know that all of my extra hours at the gym, working out while I was tired and avoiding the temptations of others’ food all paid off.  It is one of the greatest feelings of achievement to know that I set my mind on a goal, created my training and diet on my own, didn't allow any personal obstacles or stressors to take my focus off my goal, and then achieved my goal. There were several nights getting closer to the competition that I had to finish an extra workout or posing practice late and night and then had to be back at the gym at 5 am to train clients however I knew I wanted to go into the competition knowing that I had pushed myself as much as I could to get where I wanted to be.  It has been months of clean eating, avoiding processed foods, checking the ingredients on all foods even if it came from a natural store like whole foods because it is amazing how many products will throw in unnecessary ingredients.  

TUA: What changes did you make to your training or cardio….did you increase time spent in the gym? Add or take out any body parts? Add cardio? What changed?

My time spent in the gym has been consistent however for this competition I did spend more time working on my weakness, which is posing. I kept my balance of heavy weight training 6 days a week with cardio each day.  I increased my cardio to twice a day for a few weeks but then the last two weeks closer to my show I cut back on cardio and used the extra time to focus on my posing. I maintained my diet and intense training between my last show and this show so that by the time the last few weeks before this show came I was not stressing to cut down or lean out. Instead I was able to focus on refining the smaller things and mentally prepare for my show. 

TUA: What does a typical meal plan look like in the life of Jenna Scott in prep? 

JENNA: I focus on eating all natural and unprocessed foods.  When shopping at the grocery store I like to shop for products with minimal ingredients on the label.  I have cut out soy and dairy from my diet.  I eat every three hours to keep my metabolism going and consume my last meal around 9pm or earlier.  All of my meals consist of a lean protein and a vegetable.  I add in good fats (almonds, coconut oil, avocado, shredded coconut) to two to three meals a day in order to keep my energy levels up.  In addition, I like to add in at least one or more superfoods per day (chia seeds, hemp seeds, maca, cacao, algae).  My sponsor American Muscle Supply* provides me with my protein powder so when I'm craving something sweet, I can create my own healthy desserts using products like Muscleology Whey protein powder (the cookies and cream flavor is my favorite : ) ).  I have been able to maintain my lifestyle of clean eating because I am constantly thinking of new ways to combine my healthy foods to make new recipes so that I am never getting bored.  Make sure you check out TUA and my upcoming blog for postings of my recipes!

TUA: What's next in your competition schedule, now that you're qualified to compete on the national stage

JENNA: At the end of August I will step on the stage for my first national show at the NPC North Americans.  I am very excited to take it to the next level and can't wait to see what the energy is like at the national level.  

TUA: What will change for clients as a result of your prep and win?

JENNA: I think it is motivating for my clients to see that hard work and clean eating does pay off.  Going through the ups and downs of training, setting a goal, and achieving a goal for myself has helped me to better explain to my clients how to deal with staying motivated towards reaching each professional step toward their goal and how to deal with obstacles that they come across.  Also, explaining to my clients how to prep food, find healthy choices when they are out to eat, and how to deal with others around them eating unhealthy is a lot easier when they see that I go through similar challenges.  After my prep and win, I have a lower tolerance for excuses because I know firsthand that if you want to see a change then you will find ways to make that change possible.

*Jenna is sponsored by American Muscle Supply, which specializes in the wholesale distribution of sports nutrition products, servicing military, law enforcement, fire/EMS, fitness and retail accounts. TUA

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