Simple Steps for Glowing Summer Skin

­It’s easy to neglect our skin over the winter. Dreary cold days, layers of clothes and the desire to hibernate make it easy to forget how important clear, glowing skin is.  As you start to think about getting your body bathing suit ready, it’s also a great time to remember to get your skin in shape too.

1)      Exfoliate dead winter skin

I am sure you are all familiar with that dull ashy look your skin gets during the cold, dry winter months.  Do your skin a favor and help accelerate its natural shedding process by doing an exfoliation treatment.  For your face, I would recommend a microdermabrasion.  This form of exfoliation is quick, painless, and effective in removing dead skin, which creates that dull, listless look. For your body, I love a sugar body scrub.

2) Find a good sunscreen

I cannot stress enough, that the sun’s rays are the worst thing for your skin!  The sun causes more than 90% of all skin cancers. As an esthetician in a medical office, I have seen my patients loose entire pieces of their noses, ears and lips to skin cancer.  It is scary stuff!  I recommend Elta MD (  to my patients. It provides true broad spectrum UVA and UVB protection and comes in many formulations to fit your skin type.

3) Begin using a Vitamin C serum

Vitamin C is a fantastic antioxidant. The added benefit for Vitamin C applied to the skin topically, is that it is a tyrosinase inhibitor.  What is tyrosinase, you say? In short, it is the oxidation of melanin caused by sunlight and other free radical exposure. Vitamin C stops or inhibits oxidation of melanin. So, if you want to stop those ugly age spots before they start, use a good medical grade Vitamin C serum.

4) Hydrate!

Good skin comes from within. So keep your body hydrated and your skin will follow suit.  When we are dehydrated, not only does our body get thirsty, but our skin gets thirsty too.  Think about dehydrated food. When you add water, it plumps right up. The same with your skin’s vitality.

5) See an esthetician.

An esthetician is a specialized expert trained to understand how your skins works and what it needs to look and feel healthy.  Estheticians are also taught to understand how your type of skin will work with the variety of products and chemicals that are on the market right now. From peels and moisturizers to the latest fillers and injectibles, a trained expert can help you love your skin again this summer.

By Our TUA Beauty Columnist
Valerie Griffin LE
Valerie is a licensed esthetician at Patient Care and Surgical Coordinator at the Krupp Center